Noosa Pickleball Club


The AGM for the Noosa Pickleball Club was held on 10 Sep 2023.

  • The annual report as attached below was presented and accepted by the club members.
  • The new committee was elected.
  • The Mintues for the AGM are available below.
  • The Secretary was appointed after the AGM as per the club rules, as there was no nomination and nobody from the floor put there hand up on the day. 



2024 - Urgent Notice - From: Pickleball Association of Queensland

Dear Members,

PAQ need to let you know that there are currently no nominations for Committee members for the Noosa Pickleball Club.

Last week we advised you all that the management committee had resigned and that PAQ would be assisting by calling a meeting to elect a new committee. It was felt that it would be helpful for the Club if a new committee could be elected as soon as possible. This meant that there was only a two-day window in which people could nominate for a committee position (as per the club Constitution). We were hopeful that members would feel able to nominate within that time – this has not proven to be the case.

Upon reflection we now understand more fully that many members were not at the meeting where the resignations occurred or have not had an opportunity to speak with other members who were in attendance. This has no doubt caused some uncertainty and has not empowered members to feel like they could nominate for a role on the Club Committee. So, to help to remedy this situation, PAQ, will postpone the meeting that was due to be held on Wednesday 31st of January and instead reschedule it if for February 14 at 6:30pm.

[ Minutes ] These minutes have not been ratified as there is no committee meeting to do so and provide only an overview of the meeting. If you are seeking more information about what happened at the meeting, then it is suggested that you speak with the people who were in attendance. There are varying concerns and points of view



  • When – Wednesday February 14, 2024
  • Time – 6:30pm
  • Where – Olive Donaldson Pavilion on McKinnon Drive, Tewantin. PLEASE bring a chair if you would like to sit.


To NOMINATE -send your nomination to secretary@pickleballqueensland.org BY JANUARY 31, 5pm.

To appoint a proxy – click HERE and send to secretary@pickleballqueensland.org prior to the meeting



  • Welcome
  • Election of Club Committee
  • Close of meeting



What’s the Club doing while we have no committee? Can we still play?

  • The previous Club Secretary is working with PAQ to attend to any urgent Club matters. Sessions will continue to be run by convenors. Celebrations that had been planned may still go ahead. There is no purchasing of new equipment or resources until a new committee is installed.

How many people do we need to form a committee?

  • Obviously, many hands make light work, however only three people are needed to form a committee – Secretary, President and Treasurer.

What happens if we don’t get three people to nominate?

  • If a Club has no committee, then it cannot fulfil its function and therefore must cease to be an incorporated Club. Assets would be distributed to a like minded organisation that is nearby, if possible, and the Office of Fair Trading would be notified, and a process followed. There would also be no Club to be affiliated with Pickleball Queensland and so there would be no insurance for venues. That would mean that play at venues that require a certificate of insurance would need to cease.

What can all members do?

  • Consider whether you feel you have the time and talents to be a member of the Club’s Committee. A diverse range of members makes for a great committee. Talk to each other and help identify those who may be interested and good in the role. It’s also important to attend the meeting if you can. It will be a great opportunity to get to know more players and members.

If I want to nominate what do I do? Just turn up at the meeting? (email your nomination form to secretary@pickleballqueensland.org)

  • The best way to nominate is by using the nomination form which can be found HERE. Once the nominations close on January 31, the PAQ Secretary will collect all the nominations and will send out another email to all Noosa members that lists who nominated, who seconded them, what position they are nominating for and why they think they would like to be on the committee. The reason for why you want to be on the committee does not need to be an essay (don’t let that put you off). Just a simple statement that you want to help and might have some skills in a particular area like bookkeeping or administration. It’s very, very helpful for members to know who has nominated for a committee position before the night of the meeting. That way people can make a calm, informed decision and proxies can be prepared.


The PAQ Committee understand that this is a difficult time for the members of Noosa Pickleball and we regret the need to reschedule the meeting. It is hoped that members now have more time to discern if they are able to become a committee member and it is still our wish that our brief involvement in these club matters will help to ensure that your club continues to see the growth, success and innovation that it is renowned for.


PAQ Committee