Noosa Pickleball Club


Noosa Pickleball Club offers many opportunties to play pickleball. Our calender lists our organized play sessions that the club hosts. Other sessions are also available at:

  1. Olive Donaldson Courts - McKinnon Drive, Tewantin - book a time via npc.pickleplanner.com. Bring 3 club member friends, your paddles and balls and have fun at this new venue. Note: You must be a Noosa Pickleball Club member or have a PAA number to book this courts. Prior to booking your first session you will need to register.
    1. Available booking times are on the npc.pickleplanner.com calendar but normally it's any time:
      • Monday: 7:00AM to Noon | Tuesday: 1PM to 9PM | Wednesday: 7:00AM - Noon or 5:00PM to 9:00Pm | Thursday: 5:30PM to 9:00PM | Friday: 7:00AM - Noon | Saturday: Closed | Sunday: All Day. 
  2. Noosa Tennis Club - Noosa Tennis Club hosts a number of pickleball sessions. Contact the Noosa Tennis Club for further information or MeetUp
  3. New to Pickleball - you can contact Noosa Pickleball Club at info@noosapickleballclub.com to arrange a free introductory session. You will then be guided into the appropriate play session.