Noosa Pickleball Club

Strategic Plan

Noosa Pickleball Club (NPC) Strategic Plan FY20-24

The Noosa Pickleball Club strategic plan has been developed in alignment with the borader strategic goals of Pickleball Association Queensland and Pickleball Association Australia to create a strong and vibrant pickleball community with the Noosa Shire.

Noosa Shire population was 56,796 as of 30th June 2021 and it's a combination of retirees, holiday makers and locals. It's population is less that 5% of the size of Brisbane. While our club maybe small, the committee and volunteers are working to grow the pickleball community to be a fun, social and very compeitive in competition play.


Governing Body PAA:

- PAA 2023-2026 Strategic Plan (attached below)  (Previous Years: 2020-2023)

State Body PAQ:

- Strategic Plan 2020-2024

Noosa Pickleball Club Strategic Plan at the highest level is to:

  1. Communicate - Promote Pickleball locally - Social Media, Printed Media, improve communications with other clubs (e.g., Sunshine Coasat Pickleball Club) Work with the Noosa Council to increase pickleball opportunities.
  2. Play - Increase the opportunities / venues to play pickleball in the Noosa Shire. Different opportunities e.g. Leagues, skills and drills, coaching, local tournaments, regional tournaments, senior tournaments.
  3. Grow - Grow the club member base. Grow the sport in schools. Grow the sport to make use of every available venue.


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