Noosa Pickleball Club


Follow up Session for Come and Try graduates

Published Tue 28 May 2024

After attending this Come and Try session at the Olive Donaldson Pavilion or the Newcomers session at the NLC on Sunday mornings, players are encouraged to join the Noosa Pickleball Club and be eligible to participante in the follow up session on 2 June or 16 June at the Olive:  9 - 10.30 am.  Contact:  president@noosapickleballclub.com for more information. 

To join, you need to have an account with Pickle Planner. If you do not have an account, create one at this link:

    Create a new Pickle Planner Account

 If you already have an account,   Log in  and join the event.

The fee is $2.50 for the two-hour session.  The aim is to provide playing time for players who have attended either the Come and Try session at the Olive or the Newcomers session at the NLC.