Noosa Pickleball Club

PickelballBrackets and DUPR LINK your accounts

How to get your tournament points into your DUPR Account.


Step 1. Create a Pickleballbrackets.com  Account - Fee to join

Most players will have a pickleball bracket account if they have played in a tournament within pickleballbrackets.com if this is you jump down to the next step create you DUPR Account.

1. Go to www.pickleballbrackets.com

2. Click on Sign up button on top right hand side of webpage

3. Add your email address and click on Get Started

4. Add your first and last name, then choose and enter a password

5. Click on Get Started

6. Go to your email to see instructions on how to complete your signup

7. From the email, click on Click here to Verify, you will now be taken back to Pickleball Brackets to complete signup

8. Add your date of birth and gender  (Must match what is in PAA view your membercard for details)

9. Add your mobile number

10. Select Country CodeAUS (+61) e.g. if your mobile number is 0407 123456, then see below

  • for Area Code - add 40 (leave the “0” out)
  • for Phone - add 7123456
  • Select YES for texts
  • Select time zone - Australian Eastern Standard Time

Add Emergency Contact details

Add your skill level for the Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Singles, Skinny Singles - Don't worry if you have not ever played singles, just add what you think your skill level is based on the Self Rating Guide ( found in “Download Flyer” in Details of Tournament)

For City, Country, State - add Caloundra,Australia, Queensland

Add your Pickleball Australia Member Number - if you don't know what it is please email Miriam treasurer@noosapickleballclub.com

** If you already have a DUPR Account enter it now (If you don't you will have to come back and enter your DUPR account once it's created)

Click on Complete Account Setup

Click on Continue - you will be taken to the Login page of Pickleball Brackets

Click on Login at top right hand side of page

Enter your email address then click on Get Started

Enter your password then click on Log In On the top menu,

Click on Menu List (right hand top corner on a smart phone) next to Hello otherwise:

Click on Clubs

Click on search icon

enter Noosa Pickleball Club and in the Country search field, select ALL

Then click on SEARCH. You will see our club logo.

Click on the logo and then click on Become a Member.

You will get an email from Miriam once approved.


Step 2. How to create a DUPR Account - free to join

Some players already have a DUPR account. If you have a DUPR account all you need todo is write down your DUPR ID which is letters and numbers and jumpe to the next step.

go to www.mydupr.com

click on signup   (claim your account enter in the same email address you used to register for your club)

create an account   

enter details   - finish


Once you have an account, log back in and click on clubs   <<   Search   <<  Noosa Pickleball Club   <<  Join

Your account has to be activiated prior to results being able to be displayed in your DUPR profile.


Step 3. Link your Pickleball Brackets and DUPR Account


Log back into Pickleballrabckets.com on your phone click the three lnes, and select your name at the bottom of the screen > My Profile

Scroll down to section 6.


Enter in your MY DUPR # (this is numbers and letters) as displayed in your DUPR Account

Save your settings and your two accounts are now linked.



Thank you from all the pickleball players you play with and against, linking these accounts enables the games from pickleballbrackets.com to be entered into DUPR which helps builds your rating.


Happy Pickling