Noosa Pickleball Club


Season 4 - First session is open to opt in - Starting Jan 18th

Published Wed 10 Jan 2024

Warm Up Jan 11,  and Season 4 Starts on 18 Jan 2024. Length: 11 weeks

Thursday Players get ready. Given the break over holiday/New Year, I have added an extra session prior to the start of the league on Jan 11th, 2024.  This is the session that is currently displaying in pickleballbrackets.com when you log in.

As a reminder, log in to http://pickleballbrackets.com >
- press the top right blue box with 3 bars, this displays your name at the bottom of your phone screen,
- press My Stuff.
- Using your finger scroll on the screen down to the Red box, which has Leagues on it.
- It will say Session 3, 1 game day (Don't panic) - This was the only way to create a warm up session prior to Season 4 starting. Click Game Day, and opt in/out
- If you press "All Sessions" and scroll down you will also see Season 4 - 11 games. You will see an option "All Session Game Days". You can register early by pressing the date 18 THU 7:00AM, this will allow you to opt in for the first session on Jan 18th.

You can register now for Season 4 by following the above steps or:

How Season 4 will work:

1. Opt in via clicking the "date" on the my schedule page or wait, the opted in button will work later in the week. The first game has opened early. Register from today. (Ignore  the ** message, the NLC will remove this when they can).

2. Pay via the Noosa Leisure Centre  link. https://nlconlinebookings.as.me/ThursdayNoosaPickleballclub  A list of registered players is shared with the NLC to ensure everybody pays the NLC.

The more advanced players that register and opt in to play, the more competitive the play will be.

Reminder if you pay at the NLC and the league is full - the league registration is what is used to determine who will play.


  • When you enter the league, your pickleball rating is used to help assess your entry level. If your pickleball rating is a self selected rating, you may be moved to a group suitable to your level of skill.
  • Each week: ‚Äč
    • Pickleballbrackets determines your results based on your partner and your opponents. If you do better than the predicted score, then you will get additional part points on top of what you get for the win.
    • If you lose, then a part of a point is deducted. This is why some players move up quickly. The system believes they shouldn't be winning games, however they have a "hot" streak and win many games against better players. Therefore, they will jump up a few standings.
    • Similarly, you may win your pool one week and have a poor session and lose a number of games that you should have won, and you will slide down the standings quickly.
    • Winning in the league is based on consistency of play.

This season any one off  "visitors" are welcome at any sessions other than the Thursday League day.

Regards Miriam Brace
Volunteer League Coordinator