Noosa Pickleball Club


Tournament Readiness Training

Tournament-readiness-training Rod Edwards is offering tournament training to help prepare players going to upcoming Tournaments.  It will suit members in all skill levels that want to improve their tournament results, find a partner, practice with their existing partner or maybe you’re just entertaining the idea but lack the confidence to take the next step.

Today's Tip - Doubles Strategy

With all the tournaments that are around it is very important that you and your partner have a doubles strategy vs just hitting balls anywhere.

Is pickleball or Tennis better for overall fitness?

Researchers from the Apple Heart and Movement Study share new insights into one of the fastest-growing sports around the world: pickleball. To see how this emerging sport compared against the long-standing game of tennis, and how it impacts overall health, researchers turned to the data.

Virtual Pickleball Conference

Get ready for an incredible online event featuring world-class speakers, coaches, and athletes who will generously share their experiences and insights.

Tip: Setting up the point

In pickleball, “setting up the point” refers to the intentional and strategic execution of shots and tactics to create an advantageous situation that allows you or your team to control the rally and eventually win the point.